The inventor Roberto Astete started the company SoluRAB Spa in 2014. This is where the SoluRAB project was developed.

In 2023, Mr. Astete decided to separate from his original partners and created the firm RAB corp and create a broader concept than just carry-on bags.

It began with a product “water-soluble sheet detergent without phosphate” that was 100% biodegradable under natural conditions.

It then branched out into the production of single-use and multi-use takeout bags.

Then it moved to 100% biodegradable masks and different medical products.

Then it was derived to wrapping films: Shrink film, Stretch film, bubble wrap.

From here we get to root packings for plants, flowers and trees and from this experience it was found that the product is 100% biodegraded and could also become a natural fertilizer for the earth.

At the time that experience was accumulating, the inventor Roberto Astete arrived at the concept: “process the garbage yourself, seeking to reduce all garbage worldwide by 20%” This is still in development.

The history of S-circular-zero-waste and RAB

This is the story of our society to find the material that best responds to the circular economy.

It is a long history where experience and discoveries have been gained.

First came leather, then came textile, from textile came plastic and from plastic came RAB.

It is the history of the technological development of a segment of our society.

Let's try to see it another way:

First we were in the trees, then we walked, then we domesticated animals, horses and so on, then we arrived at the combustion car and today we advanced in the electric car.

It is not a denial of our technological development, it is a necessary change and improvement of how to live better in communion with nature.

This is how we came to RAB where we cover many more sectors of our lives.

Materials for packaging stretch film, Shrin film and bubble wrap film.

But the determining factor is the possibility of reducing the organic waste that our society produces by 20%.

With a material that allows the user to simply transform organic waste into nature-friendly fertilizer. With the concept “do it yourself”