What is, Circular zero waste - RAB corp

SoluRAB s.r.o. “Circular zero waste” represents the RAB Corp firm for the commercialization of products that replace plastic and without microplastic in the European region.

After a history with the development of different products, particularly concentrated on take-out bags.

The firm RAB Corp has come up with a completely biodegradable design alternative. This is the only response to the erroneous applications that are carried out with plastic in our society where plastic invades almost all areas of the life of our society.

Plastic is not the problem. Plastic has allowed us to live better for the last 100 years. The problem is that in the absence of any alternative product to plastic, our society has applied plastic in almost all areas of our life.

But why? Take into account the properties of plastic, it is very malleable, it is very stable. It will be because of these wonderful properties. But it must also be considered that it generates micro-plastic and global warming.

Unfortunately there is some mental laziness, due to poorly done business. Due to the inability to design products with a complete design with respect to the planet where we live.

The firm RAB Corp has found a replacement for plastic with the product “Circular-zero-waste” as a representative of RAB Corp in Europe wants to show that the indiscriminate use of plastic, that the time that plastic gave us to think about some alternative product to be used in certain areas of our society, this time is over. We cannot continue using plastic indiscriminately.

There are already alternative solutions to plastic in segments where we continue to use plastic.

S- Circular zero waste and -RAB Corp presents a comprehensive circular economy solution that is responsible for the existence of a product from the beginning to the end "from nature to nature" A new material that does not generate micro plastic and does not need no other process to biodegrade. Simply leave it in natural conditions and within 180 days the material will biodegrade 100% on its own.

What is the new material

It is a new gas-based material, but a gas that is not generated from fossil decomposition. It is a gas that is generated from organic decomposition. With this gas, PVA is generated and based on this material without micro plastic plus another component, a material is obtained that has the structure, moldable, with elasticity and the property of biodegrading on its own 100% upon contact with water, under natural conditions. before 180 days.

In other words, the material biodegrades with water. There is water everywhere. Without water we do not live.

In other words, it does not need any other process to biodegrade. It biodegrades on its own under natural conditions.

That is, we can manufacture different products that we know will have a useful life and then when they coexist with water they will biodegrade.

The element that biodegrades with water, we have managed to configure this factor with laboratory work in such a way that we can define if the material will react immediately to different temperatures or will need a couple of days in contact with water or humidity to biodegrade 100%.

The most important thing is that it is “biodegradable and compostable” on its own under natural conditions within 180 days. It does not need any other process. To be ecological you only have to use the “Circular zero waste” material - RAB Corp.

To be ecological, all you have to do is use the material and then throw it away where there are natural conditions for biodegradation and you will be ecological, and we will stop microplastic pollution and global warming.

With “Circular zero waste” RAB Corp everyone can be ecological. With Circular zero waste and RAB corp we can all be ecological without interrupting the rhythm of our lives. The “Circular zero waste” material and RAB liberate our society and democratize. Each one can be ecological. You don't have to buy anything. You just have to use the material.

The four stars of our Circular zero waste product

1. A ecological solution 100% biodegradable and water-soluble as a possibility to accelerate biodegradation by setting the dissolution temperature in the raw material according to the needs.

2. Don't need special technology. We use the same technology that the plastic industry uses today. The same machines, the same people who produced polyethylene bags.

3. An economic and political solution. We protect the segment of the production of plastic bags, because we give it the possibility to continue in the market, to continue doing the business of producing bags. The plastic bag industry can survive the ban on not producing more plastic bags. They can continue to develop their business by producing with the SoluRAB raw material.

The prohibition can be activated and the failure of factories or unemployment is not generated.

4. The best solution in profitability. All these factories may receive financial support from governments and the central government of the European Economic Community.